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Ozone Park Queens NY Driveway Construction Contractors

sub-concreteWhen it comes to concrete work, our company is consistently rated highest when it comes to Queens NY driveway construction contractors. Our work is precise and we pride ourselves on the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our clients are often referrals and repeat clients asking for concrete driveways, concrete walkways, concrete sidewalks, concrete slabs, concrete floors, concrete foundations, concrete loading docks and concrete curb cuts. Whatever the needs of the client, we are the company to call when you need any concrete work done.


Concrete driveways are becoming more and more popular by homeowners who want a specific look to their driveway but do not want the costs incurred by pavers. Concrete is a durable alternative to asphalt and, with proper care and maintenance, can even last longer than asphalt. Concrete can be enhanced and colored from light to dark, to match the exterior of any home and the preference of the homeowner. Our Queens NY driveway construction contractors have been servicing the area for years and our work speaks for itself.


Concrete walkways are a nice way to complement any existing exterior landscape. They are more than just a means of getting from point A to point B. A concrete walkway can easily become the focal point of any property and the limitless tinting and design options for concrete are only limited by one’s imagination.


The most common choice for sidewalks is and has been concrete. Our Queens NY driveway construction contractors are experienced in both commercial and residential sidewalk installations and repairs. Depending on where you live, the sidewalk in front of your home may be your personal responsibility and the town may require that you maintain it as well. Any small cracks can turn into big problems when the winter comes, so if you notice even the slightest problem with your sidewalk, give us a call today.


Concrete slabs are used for many purposes. Mostly, concrete slabs are used when building additions to homes that the homeowner does not want to dig an entire foundation for. These concrete slabs are poured onto the floor and provide the structure for the new addition to sit upon. Our Queens NY driveway construction contractors are often called upon for concrete slab work as it is a job that should only be attempted by a professional.


Concrete floors are not only for garage spaces anymore! More and more homeowners are opting for concrete floors in many areas of the home to enhance the look of the space and provide an economical and green environment. With the many color and design options currently available to anyone who would like concrete floors, it’s no wonder that it is becoming a top choice for homeowners and business owners alike.


The foundation of a home or building is the most important part of the structure. Without a proper foundation, the entire structure is likely to crumble. We are the premier Queens NY driveway construction contractors called upon whenever any homeowner or large business needs a foundation for their home or business. Our job is done right the first time and our years of experience make sure that we have seen every possible foundation problem and usually have a solution ready.

Loading Docks

Concrete loading docks must be one of the most structurally sound areas of any building that receives or sends loads from their building. The loading docks are subject to hot and cold temperatures as well as heavy loads and high amounts of traffic. A concrete loading dock needs to be installed correctly. Whether it’s a loading dock for multiple rigs, a single one on site, or a repair to an existing structure, we can handle it all.

Curb Cuts

A curb part is an important and necessary part of any existing sidewalk, walkway, or driveway. Whether it’s for residential use or commercial a curb cut needs to be done correctly in order to ensure the safety of anyone using the walking area. If not done correctly, a curb cut may pool water or create an unsafe area for anyone using the structure. If you need a curb cut at your location, give the #1 Queens NY driveway construction contractors a call today.

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