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Masonry Contractors Define Masonry

What is Masonry? Basically, masonry refers to the use of building materials in conjunction with mortar to build structures. Brick masonry is an example of masonry construction. Brick masonry basically consists of laying bricks in straight mortar in a repetitive manner to build sturdy, durable structural material that withstand exertive loads.

Bricks and mortar are the raw materials for masonry construction; however, there are other building materials that come into play during the masonry process. These include reinforced concrete, thermal mass, poured wallboard, slabs of granite or marble, sand, crushed stone, tiles, bricks, glass blocks, gypsum, mastic clay, and many others. Reinforced concrete includes concrete slabs that have been reinforced with steel ties and other material to create stronger walls.

Thermographic testing is also a masonry definition, as it measures the thermal resistance of different masonry materials at various temperatures. Thermal conductivity is the ability of a material to absorb or transmit heat, and is measured in watts per square inch. A masonry contractor will typically want to work with a material that has a higher thermal conductivity value, which will help reduce costs associated with heating and cooling. In masonry construction, thermal mass is the accumulated heat from the interior of a structure during cold seasons and from the exterior during hot seasons. 

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